Not too pleased with your school’s grade this year? Here are 3 ways to start improving it

One of the reasons the Colorado School Grades coalition exists is to give parents the tools they need to choose as well as improve a school. If your school didn’t get a great grade, it’s not time to feel bad about it – it’s time to take action! We’re here to help. Here are a few simple ways to get started.

1. Contact your principal.

A great leader is one sign of a great school. Not sure how to connect with your school’s principal? Here are some tips for how to do so and a few questions you might ask.

2. Talk to your school board.

A lot of what happens at your local school is administered at the school board level. Colorado is a local-control state, meaning that school boards make a lot of important decisions that will affect your child. This is also an elected body, so they should be accessible to their constituents! Not sure how to reach out? We have a handy guide for that, too.

3. Understand your school’s accountability plan.

First thing first: does your school have an accountability plan? Probably! It’s the way the state and district tracks your school’s performance progress. Search on this statewide database, or ask your school board or principal for this important blueprint to your school’s improvement. Want to get even more involved? Every school has an Accountability Committee, comprised of parents. Ask your principal how to get placed on the committee and help hold the school accountable to its plan!