Happy with your school’s grade? Here are 5 ways to celebrate the good news.

Are you excited about how well your school did on Colorado School Grades this year? One of the best things about success is the ability to celebrate it. Here are a few ways to share your joy with the community.

1. Shout it out!

Tell your friends and family not just how well your school performed but also what that experience has meant for your child. Has there been one particular teacher, course or activity that has inspired your student? Share it at the dinner table, in passing at the park, or over Facebook.

2. Praise your principal.

A great school is a sure fire sign that there’s a great principal at the lead. Give him or her some public kudos for what a terrific job they’ve done this year. Not sure how to reach out to your principal? It’s always okay to email, call or ask for a meeting! Here are a few tips on how.

3. Spend more time in your child’s classroom.

Witness the great teaching and learning first-hand by spending more time in your child’s classroom. Whether you help out for an hour or come back every other week for reading time, a parent’s presence in the classroom can be a welcome for a teacher looking for volunteer help. Here are a few other ideas for how you can donate your time or money in the classroom.

4. Go tell your school board!

Your school board will appreciate an involved parent coming to testify during the public comment period about their child’s terrific school. They want to hear about the good work happening in their district – especially when it comes straight from the parents! You don’t need to schedule time with the school board – just show up on board meeting day and sign in for public comment. Not sure how? Here are some tips for how to reach out to your school board members.

5. Write your teacher a thank-you note.

What better way to highlight the stand-out contribution they’ve made to the school and the students than by celebrating a top school grade? A lot of us give gifts or write notes for our teachers at the holidays – add in a mention of congratulations and celebration too.