About Us: Welcome to the Colorado School Grades Take Action Blog!

Welcome to the Colorado School Grades Take Action blog. Launched in December 2013, this new feature on www.ColoradoSchoolGrades.com will provide materials to help parents in Colorado both choose a school and get involved with a school’s improvement.

Colorado School Grades provides parents with an easy-to-understand grade for every school in the state. We are a coalition of 18 community organizations that believe all children deserve access to a high-performing school. Our mission is to provide you with the school performance information you need to make a good choice about schools for your child.

From this blog, you’ll receive the tools you need to:

  • Set up a school visit,
  • Ask the right questions of your principal and teachers,
  • Engage more deeply in a school or district’s local improvement efforts,
  • And more.

Have an idea for something we should be writing about on the Take Action blog? Reach out via our contact page.

We hope this blog will help you, as a parent and community member, access simple information about your schools, and with it, we hope you will chime in here, start a discussion on the CSG Facebook page, and begin conversations about school choice and improvement in your neighborhood.