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School Year

Overall Grade

3-Year Trend


Overall Performance

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Key Performance Indicators


3-Year Trend





Academic Proficiency

Grades for academic proficiency

Academic Growth

Grades for academic growth

College and Career Readiness

Is the average student at this school ready for college or career
based on ACT scores?

of this school's students graduated within four years  (graduation rate)

of this school's graduates, who went to college in Colorado, needed to re-take high school-level courses  (remediation rate)

Student Population

Low Income American Indian or Alaskan Native Asian Black or African American Hispanic or Latino White Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Two or More
Two or More
English Language Learners

Academic Growth Grade
Academic Growth Grade
* This number is factored into the overall Academic Growth Grade above
of the English Language Learners at this school gradutaed within four years
of English Language Learners at this school graduated within four years

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